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Who We Are

SAMAC is a Non-profit Company under the Companies Act, 2008 (Act 71 of 2008). Our main objective is to serve the interest of members in order to ensure the sustainability, growth and prosperity of the South African Macadamia Industry.


Our Vision

To provide inspirational and innovative leadership to an all-inclusive and aligned South African Macadamia Industry, which through the power of the collective, is built on broad based research, market development and stakeholders engagements.

Why should you become a member?

Joining SAMAC as a member opens doors for you to actively participate in meaningful discussions, stay abreast of the latest developments in both local and international industries, and exercise your voting rights on crucial matters if you qualify as a voting member according to the specifications outlined in the Memorandum of Incorporation.


SAMAC leads world-class research in support of the continuous improvement of macadamia production

SAMAC leads world-class research in support of the continuous improvement of macadamia production. SAMAC members have access to the solutions and technology developed through research projects, as well as industry benchmarks and services to support their decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations. SAMAC’s market development activities are focused on growing the demand for macadamias ahead of supply, and forecasts and trends are shared with stakeholders to allow them to be agile in an ever-evolving market.

Serve as the mouthpiece for the South African Macadamia producers

  • Represent producers at international events and engagements
  • Represent producers at various national stakeholder forums
  • Interact and network with local and international Governments on various aspects such as market access needs and tariff barriers

Increase in per capita consumption of South African macadamias in the world

Represent and contribute to the strategy of the World Macadamia Organisation in conducting consumer awareness campaigns to increase demand for macadamia nuts

Establish internal business excellence within SAMAC

Business management and leadership through:

  • Business planning.
  • Corporate governance.
    • Organisational cultural development
    • Business performance management
    • Relationship management/communication between role-players
    • Resource management
    • Human resource management
    • Financial management

Enabling transformation initiatives to ensure an inclusive environment

  • Provide producer development support services through Provincial study group meetings
  • Provide tertiary skills development programmes
  • Support enterprise development programmes
  • Competency development (knowledge and skills).
  • Technical support (best practice).
  • Industry structure maintenance support.

Providing the industry with strategic knowledge to enable informed decision-making

  • Gathering, interpretation and release of industry information and statistics, including global information and forecasts
  • Deliver a comprehensive professional information service that is reliable, relevant and timely through various mediums such as the SAMAC APP, Website, WhatsApp and Facebook

Current Members

We are proud to announce that the SAMAC membership base has experienced remarkable growth since its inception. Over the past five years, from 2018 to 2023, our membership has increased by an impressive 131%, rising from 579 members to 1 337 members.

Even more noteworthy is the substantial growth in our grower membership base, which has surged by 126% during the same period. In 2018, we had 479 grower members, and by 2023, this number has soared to 1 081. These growers now comprise a significant portion, representing 81% of our total member complement in 2023, which stands at 1 337 members.

This significant increase in membership reflects our unwavering dedication to the macadamia industry and the welfare of our members. It is a testament to the trust and confidence our stakeholders place in SAMAC’s ability to provide valuable services, foster growth, and advocate for the interests of the industry.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting the macadamia sector and contributing to its prosperity. We extend our gratitude to all our members, growers, and industry partners for their continued support, which has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable milestone. Together, we forge a path towards a vibrant and thriving macadamia industry.

Membership Types

Membership Type Description
Growers Any person engaging, in a proprietary capacity, in the commercial production of macadamias inclusive of persons or entities who process and produce macadamia nuts, trade with macadamia nuts, husks, kernels or nut in-shell macadamias. 
Associates Persons that have an interest in the Macadamia industry, including but not limited to agricultural advisors, roasters, packagers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, importers, marketers, input and equipment suppliers, researchers and educators or any persons who in the sole discretion of the Board should be afforded membership by virtue of special qualifications or experience of value to the Macadamia industry.
Nurseries Any entity or individual that is actively involved in the professional cultivation, propagation, and subsequent trade of macadamia tree seedlings.
Handlers Any person who receives macadamia nuts from growers to prepare and pack for sale as nuts in shell or kernels is considered a processor. This includes individuals who purchase nuts in shell from growers, act as agents for the sale of nuts in shell or kernels, and act as agents or contractors for dehusking nuts in shell. Additionally, growers who sell their own production of nuts in shell or kernels directly to traders are also considered processors.

How to Become a Member

To enroll as a member, please visit our website: and proceed with the online application process. Make sure to fill out the form corresponding to your category, whether you are a Grower, Associate, Nursery, or Handler.


For any further inquiries regarding membership procedures, feel free to contact Nadira Pillay via email at

Adding Value Through Research

Research forms the foundation for the production of higher yields and excellent quality nuts. As a member of SAMAC your levy is funding the following research projects:

• Macadamia water usage
• Cultivar evaluations
• Cultivar and environmental effects on fatty acid profiles and quality in macadamias
• Soil nematodes and microorganisms as indicators of soil health
• Effect of ridges and irrigation type on tree health
• Nursery-based rootstock compatibility trials
• Floral rewards of macadamia trees and honeybee pollination
• Climatically suitable growth areas in South Africa for macadamias under present climatic and projected climate change conditions
• The effect of different rates of macadamia husk compost application on nut yield, quality and soil health
• Cultivar genomics (development of sequence data and markers)

Pests and Diseases
• Entomopathogenic nematodes as biocontrol agents for the nut borer complex
• Management of the macadamia felted coccid
• Entomopathogenic fungi as biocontrol agents for the two-spotted stinkbug
• Causal agents of macadamia chlorosis disease
• Phytophthora and Pythium root rot and stem canker
• Diversity and management of thrips in Levubu
• Optimisation of pesticide deposition profiles in macadamia orchards
• Timing and infection of macadamia by husk rot fungi
• Presence and pathogenicity of Rosellinia necatrix in macadamia orchards
• Species-level identification of mosquito bug
• Intraspecies variation in pheromones of the macadamia nut borer
• Identification of stinkbug alternative hosts and bacterial symbionts from the gut content of stinkbugs
• Identification and characterisation of husk rot and flower blight
• Identification and characterisation of Lepidoptera species damaging macadamia nuts
• Identification, characterisation and chemical ecology of stinkbugs
• Identification of parasitoids of stinkbugs

• Effect of different levels of ethephon on nut abscission and quality during storage

Value of SAMAC Membership