Macadamias South Africa NPC (SAMAC) is comprised of macadamia nut growers, nurseries, handlers (processors, exporters etc) and industry service providers.

Our mission is to lead the development of a profitable and sustainable industry in the common interests of members through technical and marketing innovation.

Bursary Scheme

Our goals are to:

Act in the common interests of our members

Determine technical research needs and funding research to address those needs

Continually improve technology transfer, support and communication mechanisms

Establish generic market development programmes both locally and abroad that will increase consumer demand to meet increased supply

Aim of the Bursary

To assist deserving students wishing to pursue a career in the Macadamia industry in South Africa.

To this end, financial assistance will be provided to students studying towards a degree or postgraduate degree, preferably majoring in Horticultural Science.

Duration of the Bursary

For any one student, the bursary will be available
for a maximum of two years.

If a student is awarded the bursary for the first time,
he/she will notautomatically qualify for the bursary for the next year.

Third and fourth year students will receive preference.

Obligation of the Recipient to the Macadamia Industry

Students awarded a bursary by SAMAC will be required to work for SAMAC for a period of one year for each year that the bursary is awarded, provided that a position is available.
If no position is available at SAMAC or one of SAMAC affiliated companies at the time that the recipient completes his/her degree, there will be no obligation to SAMAC or its affiliated companies.
Should the recipient not accept a job offer from one of the companies affiliated to SAMAC at the time of completing his/her degree, he/she will be required to pay back the bursary in full within three months.

Recipients of the bursary will be required to focus their seminars and projects on macadamia nuts where possible.

Recipients wishing to continue with
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies

Recipients wishing to continue with a postgraduate or undergraduates will be allowed to do so, provided that the research to be carried out will further equip the student to effectively serve the Macadamia industry as an employee of SAMAC.

Application Forms

Applications should be completed and send to SAMAC.
Applicants should supply forms and documentation as stated in the forms.

 General Bursary Policy

Application for Undergraduate bursary 2022

Application for Postgraduate bursary 2022

Bursary Award & Penalties

All applications will be evaluated by a panel appointed by the SAMAC Committee. Applicants will be advised of the panel’s decision not later than 31 March annually. Successful applicants will be required to sign a contractual agreement with SAMAC.

The value of the bursary award will be dependent on each individual case and will be reviewed annually.

If a recipient does not pass the course for which the bursary has been awarded, he/she will be required to pay back the bursary over a maximum period of 2 years, repayment commencing at the beginning of the year after the year in which the bursary was awarded.