Market Access & Development


The Market Access and Development Committee plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the South African macadamia industry. Tasked with devising robust strategies for both Market Access and Development, the Committee aims to propel the industry forward by identifying market growth opportunities, fostering local and international relationships, lobby for tariff reductions and staying agile in the face of evolving market dynamics.

Market Development

The Committee is committed to crafting an all-encompassing market development strategy with the aim of ensuring the ongoing success and growth of the South African macadamia industry, achieved through heightened sales and consumption of South African macadamias.

The Committee is tasked with formulating a comprehensive market development strategy for Board approval, encompassing of the following key objectives:

The Board has currently committed on an annual basis to collaborate and provide support to the World Macadamia Organisation (WMO) to ensure alignment with the market development strategy and objectives of the WMO and to certify maximum value is achieved for our industry.

Identify and explore emerging markets with significant growth potential. Develop actionable plans through comprehensive market research on consumer trends, government policies, and related factors.

Assist in establishing robust product standards for the Global industry such as Nut in Shell, including Codex for oil, and determination of macadamias’ shelf life.

Provide handlers with a toolbox equipped with essential marketing resources to enhance their capabilities.

Investigate and analyse the efficacy of category versus brand marketing strategies to optimise market positioning.

Maintain active involvement in the Handlers Forum, offering continuous support and assistance. In addition, ensure proper coordination of market access and development intervention matters between SAMAC, Processors, and other stakeholders.

Supply members with insightful data, including crop forecasts, export market trends, and other pertinent information to inform strategic decision-making.

Investigate, develop and execute consumer awareness campaigns focused on increasing the consumption of South African macadamias.

Conduct annual sessions to proactively identify potential risks and changes, facilitating the formulation of agile action plans to address emerging challenges.

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Market Access

Within the domain of market access, the Committee is dedicated in creating an equal playing field for the South African Macadamia industry through initiatives that aims to reduce trade barriers, with a particular emphasis on advocating for tariff reductions.

The Committee is entrusted with devising a robust strategy for market access for approval by the Board, encompassing of the following initiatives:

Continuously participate in forums such as the Agricultural Trade Forum and BRICS Agricultural Working Group meetings, and any other relevant gatherings.

Actively engage in networking opportunities with government, including sponsoring, attending, presenting, and highlighting the transformation portfolio at relevant events.

Host an annual Transformation Summit to facilitate discussions and initiatives aimed at advancing transformation within the macadamia industry.

Undertake special trips to key markets such as China and India to foster relationships and advocate for tariff reductions.

Conduct yearly sessions to anticipate potential risks and changes in the market, ensuring the committee remains agile in responding to evolving circumstances.

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