SAMAC Integrator


The SAMAC Integrator provides industry-wide insights based on data and third-party collaborations to explore new correlations and improve current best practices. The platform offers growers a one-stop interface to track and compare their crop performance, highlighting weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. With a personalised dashboard, growers can view their crop’s statistics and compare their performance anonymously.

Who is SAMAC Integrator for?

The SAMAC Integrator provides value, no matter what your role in the value chain might be. From the most seasoned farmer, to the start-up business still in the planning stage, the SAMAC Integrator will offer something to help you.

Just because our primary focus is our farmers, this does not mean that we have forgotten our processors, service providers and technical advisors. This platform can assist each and everyone of our valued stakeholders. 

What’s new in SAMAC Integrator?

After a lot of feedback and process analysis, we have found a way to improve on the fantastic proof of concept launch at our IMS’23, last year. Through the opinion of our farmers, our improvements will be taking SAMAC Integrator to a whole new level.