Welcome to SAMAC

Welcome To Samac

Who is SAMAC

Macadamias South Africa (SAMAC) is a non-profit company under the Companies Act, 2008 (Act 71 of 2008). Our main objective is to serve the interest of members in order to ensure the sustainability, growth and prosperity of the South African Macadamia Industry.


SAMAC Macadamia Day

Welcome to MacDay ‘24 – the ultimate macadamia event, hosted by SAMAC. MacDay ‘24 offers the opportunity to rub shoulders with industry peers to find new inspiration and ways of…

SAMAC Charity Golf Day 2024

Experience a day of leisure and networking at the picturesque Mbombela Golf Club in Nelspruit during the MacDay Golf Event on 09 September.

Vhembe District Farmers Study Group

Join our study group dedicated to mastering scouting, pest management, and disease control in agriculture. Discover effective strategies and best practices for identifying and combatting pests and diseases that threaten…

What we do

Research & Development

Research forms the foundation for the production of higher yields and excellent-quality nuts. Research projects include Horticulture, Pests and Diseases and Post-Harvest

Transformation Initiatives

Enabling transformation initiatives to ensure an inclusive environment. We ensure a holistic solution is developed to assist small-scale farmers, throughout the value chain and graduation towards commercialisation.

Informed decision-making

The SAMAC Integrator facilitates informed decision-making for growers by providing industry-wide insights and data collaborations. It offers a centralised platform for tracking crop performance, identifying areas for improvement, and comparing performance anonymously.

Market Access & Development

The Market Access and Development Committee drives the South African macadamia industry’s growth by devising strategies for market development and access. This involves identifying growth opportunities, building relationships, lobbying for tariff reductions, and adapting to market changes.


Let’s Integrate.

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become a SAMAC member

Research forms the foundation for the production of higher yields and excellent-quality nuts. As a member of SAMAC, your levy is funding important research projects. Becoming a SAMAC member provides you with the opportunity to:

Access to Cutting-Edge Research

Exciting Events and Seminars

Discounted Symposium Access

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Transformation Opportunities

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