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Unlock a treasure trove of benefits with your SAMAC membership:

Dive into the forefront of macadamia production with SAMAC’s world-class research. As a member, you gain exclusive access to innovative solutions, advanced technologies, and industry benchmarks aimed at enhancing your operations’ efficiency. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into market trends and forecasts, empowering you to make agile decisions in a dynamic market landscape.

Join us for a vibrant array of events tailored to support farmers, nurseries, and handlers. From market access strategies to research and development insights, our events cover a spectrum of topics crucial to your success. Don’t miss out on our highly anticipated annual macadamia symposium! Plus, engage with experts and fellow members through feedback sessions and webinars, ensuring you stay informed about the latest advancements.

 Enjoy special member rates for our annual Macadamia Day, an invaluable opportunity to network, learn, and grow within the industry.

Gain access to our user-friendly SAMAC Integrator App and Members Portal, packed with essential resources. From statistical data to farming best practices and cutting-edge research, find everything you need to elevate your macadamia game.

SAMAC is committed to empowering producers through various transformation initiatives. Benefit from support services such as provincial study group meetings, skills development programs, and enterprise development initiatives. Enhance your knowledge, skills, and industry know-how with our competency development and support offerings.

Receive our annual SAMAC Journal, a comprehensive guide to R&D advancements, market insights, and industry news. Delivered in hard copy format, stay updated on the latest developments shaping the macadamia world.

How to become a member

To enroll as a member, please choose one of the options below and proceed with the online application process. Make sure to fill out the form corresponding to your category, whether you are a Grower, Associate, Nursery, or Handler.

For any further inquiries regarding membership procedures, feel free to contact Nadira Pillay via email at

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