Socio-Economic Development


SAMAC supports various socio-economic initiatives that will benefit the communities of macadamia farmers.

Our Impact

Nourishing Futures: SAMAC’s Kitchen Initiative at Emkhayedini Technical School

SAMAC is proud to support Emkhayedini Technical School in Richards Bay through the construction of a new kitchen facility. This initiative aims to ensure that students have access to nutritious meals, which are essential for their growth, learning, and overall well-being. By providing this vital resource, SAMAC is helping to create a healthier, more supportive educational environment, fostering better academic performance and brighter futures for the students.

Empowering Communities: Transformative Development of Ablution and Sports Facilities at Ha Mashau

SAMAC is committed to bolstering infrastructure development in communities where our growers are active. In collaboration with our partner Madimbo Group, SAMAC has spearheaded the construction of ablution facilities at Ha-Mashau Primary School in the Vhembe district of Limpopo province.

The ongoing second phase involves the establishment of a comprehensive sports field facility. Currently, students have to trek a considerable distance of 6 kilometres on foot to engage in sporting activities, lacking a designated play area within the school premises. SAMAC is actively addressing this pressing need.